23 December 2007



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Lance (9" uncut)

Lance was one of the more popular gay porn stars during the 1980s. He was born David Alan Reis in Santa Barbara County, California (some sources say Oklahoma), on November 25, 1962. He was most well-known for his pairings with Leo Ford in Leo & Lance and Blonds Do It Best, both directed by William Higgins. The two also often worked together as male prostitutes.

Scant information exists about Lance's life off the screen, and most of that is far from pleasant. He is said to have grown up in foster homes, had numerous brushes with the law, and been an IV-drug user. It may have been through his drug use, unprotected sex, or a combination thereof, that he contracted AIDS.

David Alan Reis died from complications of AIDS in San Jose, California, on May 26, 1991, only a few weeks before his former co-star Leo died from head injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles. Reis' death certificate listed his occupation as "model of clothing", and his biological mother saw to the final arrangements. Reis was cremated and his ashes scattered off the coast of Marin County, California.

Sven (veiny cock)


Stats: straight; 20 years; 185cm; 72kg; from Ostrava (Czech republic)